Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2024

Why Kurt Russell Never Wanted A Role In Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables


This isn’t to say Russell was eager to just join the “Fast & Furious” fambly. In fact, he needed some convincing before he said yes to the family barbecue. Still, movie fans won in the end. Russell joined the “Fast” franchise at the right time, playing the enigmatic Mr. Nobody, a great addition to the ensemble, a straight-faced father figure that could keep the rest of the rowdy cast of racers-turned-robbers-turned-international-spies under some semblance of calmness and control.

As for his comparison between “Fast & Furious” and “The Expendables,” Russell isn’t wrong. As fun and full of blood as Stallone’s franchise is, there’s no denying that these movies rely on older fans and nostalgia for decades-long movies. It’s a gimmick. An occasionally enjoyable gimmick, sure, but a gimmick nonetheless.

Then there’s “Fast & Furious,” a movie series that throws continuity out the window for the sake of fun, that turns actors into stars rather than rely on established star-power, that understands how powerful a very stupid line can be, and that a (relatively) revolving cast of characters means longevity — as seen by the ten (and counting) entries in the series. 


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