Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2023

We Tested The Internet’s Favorite Brands to Find the Best Duvet Insert

I’ve always slept hot. My girlfriend has always slept cold. It’s almost ruined us. Recently, I was thinking we’d never find a duvet we could agree on. One that was cool enough for me, warm enough for her, but still big, plush, and real down. Casper’s humidity fighting duvet ended the search. Full stop!

First, it’s true down, big and plush like a hotel comforter. It’s the stuff of dreams. But normally, something like this would have me waking up in a sweat every night. This one doesn’t… The trick, apparently, is a thin merino wool layer. Which made sense, I know merino is the best choice for a winter base layer because it’s warm but sweat wicking, but I just wasn’t sure about on a duvet.

Let me tell you, it’s great. With this thing, I have never, never woken up hot or sweating. I’m never having to hang a leg out, never getting up to turn off the heat. I just lay down, close my eyes and sleep. Bliss. And she’s telling me things are just as good on the other side of the bed. Crazy that such a small fabric choice has done wonders for us, but it has. It’s a true best of both worlds duvet.

Who we would recommend this too: Anyone, literally anyone.

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