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The Beast Blender Tested Editor Review 2023, Where to Buy

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I’m the type of person who values aesthetic over performance. But from time to time, I find something that works just as good as it looks, and the sense of achievement I feel is as if I created it myself. Enter: The Beast. You’ve likely seen the elevated-looking blender pop up on your Instagram feed, especially if you said the word “blender” near your phone recently. Launched in 2021, it looks like the future of kitchen gadgets—I hope.

The stylish and sleek design was actually all the convincing I needed to upgrade from my old Nutribullet. So, I tried it, and I loved it. Then I did something I love to do, and I met the founder. And Colin Sapire, the one behind The Beast, actually came from Nutribullet. How about that. After selling Nutribullet off to private equity in 2018, he did what he knows best and made something again, this time even better. This bullish desire to outdo even himself made me like the concept of The Beast even more.

And the Beast is bigger, badder, and gives an all-around grade-A performance. Why is it better? Sapire was finally able to make a lot of updates to his original design by creating a more advanced blending system that is both faster and more efficient. Beyond the looks—which we found worthy of a tech design award last year, by the way—is his passionate vision for the brand, “While I do run a profit-driven business, for me, the mission is more about telling my story and motivating people to see the benefits in consuming more fruits and vegetables, and making that easy,” he says. The story he’s referring to is about why he started blending. He used to be a steak and fries type of eater, someone who despised consuming vegetables, but like the rest of us, he knew he had to change. So, he started blending them, and clearly got carried away. He set out to perfect blending food in a way that gets the maximum amount of nutrients out of them. He’s come pretty damn close.

SHOP $185,

beast blender review

Timothy Mulcare

Why The Beast?

You know it looks good, but I’ll tell you why it’s great. It showed me how to make a fucking smoothie. I drink a smoothie daily and disclaimer: I’m not that healthy or advanced in the kitchen. My usual is frozen fruit and coconut water—simple and refreshing. But, as the smoothie creator informed me, packed with very little, if any, nutrients at all. (I now add kale thanks to Sapire’s inspiration.) For years, I’ve been making it in a touch-to-control style Nutribullet, but more often than not I was basically eating sorbet with a spoon because it wasn’t blending enough. The Beast has an automatic sensor and timer that takes the guess work out. At last, my smoothie was liquid, the way it’s supposed to be.

As for the specs that differentiate it from other blenders: it has a 12-ribbed vessel system (that’s the edging inside the mixer) which helps to blend its filling smoother than any other device on the market. The machine is made with smart sensors that also time the blends, so for people like me, it does the thinking for you. Another smart feature is the heat sensor, so it won’t overheat and explode.

beast blender review

Timothy Mulcare

As an added bonus to the convenience of this machine, it also comes with smart tools—including a pour top, so no spilling; a handle top, so you can take it on the go; and even a smaller vessel for smaller recipes, easy to take any where. If you buy the kit with a hydration system (for an extra $35) you can also infuse your own water, too. It’s truly a system that’s committed to getting you the most nutrients, in addition to keeping you hydrated.

beast blender review

Timothy Mulcare

What to make in The Beast blender?

The best advice Sapire gave me was not advice at all, but a recipe I will never forget. He’s all about being healthy, and that even applies when it comes to sweets. He shared with me his favorite dessert, that he of course makes in The Beast. It is simple: a milk of your choice (I use almond), medjool dates, and frozen bananas. I improvise, and add a tiny piece of dark chocolate, too. And it just might be one the best desserts I’ve ever had—at home, at least—it’s a creamy chocolate-y smoothie that almost feels like a pudding consistency, but is refreshing on a hot night.

Two more recipes the founder shared: First, blending fresh watermelon and frozen strawberries for a refreshing summer drink (genius); and second, for extra hydration simply blend ice, coconut water, and a very small amount of cucumber and mint. I hung up my Zoom call, and made all three recipes as soon as I could. Now I have a new dessert that doesn’t feel guilty to consume nightly, and my smoothies are finally a liquid consistency with some added vegetables. Look at that, I’m a somewhat healthier human.

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Photography by Timothy Mulcare
Prop styling by John Olson for Halley Resources

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