Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2023

Shop the CB2 Ross Cassidy Outdoor 2023 Collection

Think of CB2 and your mind probably drifts into visions of curved couches and

modern furniture with glass or marble accents. While it is that, it’s also a brand that is committed to becoming so much more. This season, CB2 is ready to bring the chic vibes outside of the house with its latest outdoor launch, Suites by Ross Cassidy. Cassidy isn’t a new name to CB2: The Los Angeles-based interior and furniture designer is the brain behind some of its bestsellers like the Bozzi chair and the Roma sectional. One thing those pieces have in common: Curves. And there’s no shortage of those in his new collection.

While the Suites line ranges from furniture to towels and even outdoor rugs, fresh shapes are at the core of it all. Cassidy says, “I don’t know why we don’t see curved furniture outside more, but I think it’s time, which is why we created an outdoor version. When something works, I want to see it in as many ways as possible.” With all aspects of the collection you can find something luxe and large for your backyard or quaint and affordable for your balcony.

All the pieces, big or small, have a French influence that feel timeless, so they’re something you can own for however long you desire. And as you don’t often buy outdoor furniture, when you do, you want to make sure you’re investing in both long-lasting quality and of course, look. “Our ethos is all about bringing the luxuries and timelessness of inside, out,” said CB2 President Ryan Turf. “It’s reflected [in this collection] with Cassidy’s unique vision that pairs a European sophistication with incredible attention to detail for outdoor living that still feels effortless and approachable.”

Some of our favorites below include the curved Bacio chair, which is a take on Cassidy’s indoor Bacio chair, and the tables that are all about material ranging from marble to glass and even iron. Or if you don’t want to spend that much, you can opt for a statement beach towel or teak planters. Either way, it’s the right way to start summer.

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