Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2022

9 Best Standing Desks for Home Office and WFH 2022

• Electric vs. Manual Control Type: Standing desks with manual control—turning a lever or loosening knobs, or worse, screws—are far less expensive, but far less popular, not to mention a hassle to use. Electric standing desks with motorized control, although requiring a power source, can adjust to the ergonomic height with the press of a button. Some are even smart enough to save your programmable height settings. They’re the A-listers, and therefore, can cost more than a penny.

• Desktop Size: Up to you, mate! Measure your workspace or wherever else you’d like to set up a standing desk—right by the home bar, maybe?—then off you go. (48-inch in width is the standard, by the way.) That easy. It might be a bit tricky if you’re ordering a standing desk for your office cubicle. Still, nothing a customizable size or multiple size options from these eight best standing desks can’t fix.

Height Range: A standing desk’s height adjustment often accommodates your own height. (So leave lying about being six-foot-tall when you’re actually five-eleven out of this.) And it also caters to seated positions as well. Hence, most standing desks have a range of height. As for what is the ergonomic height, the golden rule is that the desktop be at your elbow level, seated or standing. It’s that factor that makes standing desks so optimal for long days.

• Lift Capacity: Otherwise known as the “how much can you take” for standing desks. It’s the maximum amount of weight you can place on their surface. By common sense, your laptop, computer, or monitor—or a total of the three—likely won’t exceed 100 pounds. So feel free to put other cool desktop accessories or decor on the desktop. For manual or makeshift standing desks, however, it’s always better to double-check their capacity and go easy, and light on them.

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