Published On: Wed, Jan 12th, 2022

52 First Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Take a second to recall what your first date felt like when you were really looking forward to seeing someone. Did you break out into a cold sweat? Experience clammy hands? Maybe a team of Olympic gymnasts were flipping around in your stomach? All of the above, we bet. And just when you thought you were over it because that date went well and now you’re dating, here comes your first Valentine’s Day together. Suddenly, it’s the same old dance of nerves as you prepare for the date night or figure out a gift idea.

A lot is riding on this first holiday celebration of your coupledom, so let us be of some assistance. All you have to do for your first Valentine’s Day as a couple is get a good gift with a dash of romance that makes your partner smile. Here are the 52 best ideas that’ll work for her, for him, or for you both.

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