Published On: Tue, Oct 4th, 2022

43 Funny Holiday Gift Ideas for Him 2022

funny gag gifts for christmas


The holiday season brings both inevitable excitement and existential dread all at the same time. You can’t wait to see your extended family…until your obnoxious brother-in-law’s grouchy second cousin strolls through the door. But fear not, there is a way to get through the evening, a way that will bring joy to the entire room (even you, Mr. Grinch): a gag gift.

Bring on the full-body laughs, the ones that get passed around a group until someone has to excuse themselves to catch their breath and stave off the urge to piss their pants. That’s a good laugh, and you can be the person who makes it happen. Doesn’t matter who you’re holiday gift shopping for—a coworker whose sense of humor you don’t particularly like, a dear friend who’s organizing a White Elephant exchange, the king of dad jokes himself (your dad).

Keep reading and you’ll be sure to find the best, most hilarity-inducing gag gifts to cheer up all the grinches at the party this coming holiday season.

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Best Pointless Puzzling Gift

CM Originals

The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

Best Celebrity Book Gift

By Snoop Dogg

‘From Crook to Cook’

Best Wiggly Gift

Urban Outfitters

Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy

Best Throwback Gift

Basic Fun

The Oregon Trail Handheld Game

Best Year-Long Gift


A F*cking 2023 Wall Calendar

Best Hanukkah Humor Gift

Mensch on a Bench

Mensch on a Bench

Best Blanket Gift


Burritos Blanket

Best Toilet Time Gift


Toilet Game Mini Golf

Best Bootie Gift

Gulnara Kydyrmyshova

Taco Booties

Best Finance Bro Gift


Excel mug

Best Pet Rivalry Gift

Uncommon Goods

Dogs vs. Cats Chess Set

Best Klutzy Gift

World’s Smallest


Best Nerdy Gift


Knowitall! Gift Box or Bottle

Best Porta Potty Gift


Porta Potty Shot Glasses

Best Stoner Gift

Urban Outfitters

Weed Games Party Game Set

Best Facial Gift


Endswell Facial Iron

Best Starchy Gift

Potato Parcel

Potato Pal

Best It’s-Not-What-It-Looks-Like Gift

Wine Condoms

Best Iconic Gag Gift

Uncommon Goods

Bluetooth Banana Phone

Best Practical Gift


Shower Beer Holder

Best Lazy Gift

Allison DeVane

Minute Cocktail Sugar Cube Trio

Best Hydrating Gift

Mountain Water 12-Pack

Best Funny T-shirt Gift


PureHell T-Shirt

Best Meaty Gift

Olympia Provisions

Salami Bouquet

Best Christmas Gift


Jingle Bell Rock Longsleeve

Best Frat Star Gift


Mini Beer Pong

Best Comedian Gift

By Seth Rogen


Best Crazy Cat Lover Gift


Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

Best Pseudo-Science Gift

Periodic Tableware

Beaker Wine Glass

Best Fishy Gift

Han shan

Unisex Fish Slippers

Best Subtle Gift

Alternative Imagination

Sunscreen Alcohol Flasks

Best Sticky Gift


Not Today Satan Sticker

Best Green Thumb Gift


‘I’m Not Dead, Yet’ Planter

Best BBQ Gift


1 Gallon of Bar-B-Q Sauce

Best Bestselling Gift

By Trevor Noah

‘Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood’

Best Card Game Gift

Cards Against Humanity

Party Game

Best Boozy Breakfast Gift


Merlot Infused Coffee

Best Honest Gift


‘Fuck’ Mug

Best Muscially-Inclined Gift

Kikkerland Design

Mini Karaoke Microphone

Best Disappointing Gift

Backpacker’s Pantry

Backpacker’s Pantry Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan Sandwich, 1 Serving

Best Jerky Gift

Righteous Felon

Spicy Beef Jerky Bundle

Best Lounging Gift

Eggplant Pool Float

Best Necessary Gift


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