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18 Best Luxury Furniture Brands 2022

As soon as our bank account allows us to, you can find us running—not walking–to our favorite luxury furniture stores in attempt to live out our AD celebrity home fantasy. We can’t wait for that moment of taking in all the grandeur while in store, and reimagining how to make our space worthy of its own spread. But, perhaps today’s not that day, and you’re still muttering, “One day, I will be able to afford this” to that infamous RH luxury couch; or perhaps today’s finally that day, and you’re ready to shell-out on something from a luxury furniture brand to make that fantasy come to life.

What makes luxury furniture brands a cut above the rest is that they’ll raise—and meet—your bar of a long-lasting, high-quality home items. Most furniture stores, of course, have form-meets-function stuff in their arsenal, but luxury brands always take it to the next level with their heirloom-worthy finds that are larger-than-life (and they last longer, too). So if you’re prepared to renew your lived-in house with some investment-level pieces, or deck out the blank four-wall apartment with them straight away, we’ve selected 18 best luxury furniture brands and stores that’ll make your home feel like new and simultaneously upgrade your lifestyle.

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Come to Castlery for straight-forward furniture shopping that is heavy on good materials and optimal production. The furniture often makes some zeitgeist, but timeless interior style statements—like midcentury modern or contemporary—and it is built to last. To wit, Castlery ensures you won’t mind having its pieces in your home for years to come.



Arhaus furniture is clean, cool, and downright stunning. The brand partners with artisans around the world to piece together furniture that is also as non-harmful to the earth as they can get it. Arhaus tables are the real standout beighere. The boxy coffee tables and roomy dining tables are pieces you’ll want to pass on.

Design Within Reach


It takes a lot of work to understand what goes into making home furniture and decor look good, and our best recommendation is to just leave it to the experts. The experts happen to be at Design Within Reach. The brand mixes the artistic side of home with the innovative side, selling pieces that are both beautiful and smart. No clunky, outdated couches or recliners here.

Eternity Modern


Eternity Modern’s style is, as you can imagine, modern. That means sharp lines, metals, lots of black and silver and acrylic. The brand is constantly innovating, too, and isn’t afraid to take some design risks in its work. Right now, Eternity Modern is best known for its dramatically tufted couch collection, with pieces that look like they’re kind of made of bubbles. Don’t think about it, just look at it.

Lulu & Georgia


Lulu & Georgia is from L.A. and has the kind of laid-back, breezy feel that you might expect from a Cali home brand. It’s on the trendier side of interior design and belongs in a home that doesn’t mind edging its style into new pieces.



Lumens is like a high-end thrift store where you don’t have to do any of the work and everything you look at is already beautiful. The brand’s furniture can be summed up in one word—modern—which takes its form in Lumens’ clean, minimalist couches, exciting high-style chairs, or abstract-shaped tables. These varying looks come together and somehow just look right in one room. And that’s the experimental home design mindset Lumens champions.

Jonathan Adler


You may know Jonathan Adler from his appearance on GMA and the Oprah Winfrey Show, or from his magnificent designs of the luxury cabanas at Dreamworks Waterpark and upscale rentals at the High Line. Maybe you’ve even visited his eponymous boutique in Soho just to decipher the artistic perspective within each of his furniture designs. How did he make the sofa lines so tailored? or Why is this chair so sculptured? You ask, but don’t know the answer. But you know, for sure, that since it’s Jonathan Adler, they’ll look great at your place.

Williams Sonoma Home


Being known for selling stellar kitchenware, apparently, isn’t enough for Williams Sonoma. It just had to footslog into home furnishings and sell them just as good. In that case, consider mission accomplished. Williams Sonoma Home employs big textures and silhouettes to do the heavy style-lifting, with exposed natural finishes that look timeless, and clean lines that feel slick. A special nod to its outdoor furniture collection of artisan-made lounge pieces.

Maiden Home


Beige and balmy are two words that best describe Maiden Home’s visual aesthetic. The primary tone of its pieces (mostly seatings, tables, and beds) in fact look so warm they make living room feel like bedroom, and make bedroom feel like paradise—if it weren’t already. Resilient and responsible then best describe the brand’s quality which thrives on the craftsmanship of North Carolina artisans, and the natural beauty of their hand-selected, sustainably-sourced materials.

Interior Define


Your home doesn’t need to build a personality if it gets all its trimmings from Interior Define, since the brand’s furniture will, well, define it instead. But to do that, it requires your input, which is why Interior Define offers a customizable furniture experience and designates you as the interior designer of your own home. Thus, even though the brand’s site and social pages boast a metropolitan aura, you’re welcome to inject your own twist onto its furniture for your pastoral, countryside home.



Think of what your rooms should look like on a typically wonderful Sunday morning—sunlit, saturated with natural light, inviting, and good-vibes-only. With that in mind, Sundays was born—plural, because it strives to make your home look like a Sunday every damn day. Its furniture looks vibrant and makes any living space feel less sterile. For instance, there are sleek oaks dining tables, Mod-style boucle lounge chairs, and cloud-like modular sofas in all shapes and sizes.

West Elm


Despite being the most popular furniture store on this list, West Elm is, by no means, populist—yes, we’re aware of how elitist that sounds. The brand touts contemporary shapes and layered neutrals, in timeless, look-great-anywhere pieces like a mid-century bed or an industrial-inspired desk table. Then there’s the details—in accents from leather to brushed gold, or services like fabric swatches to customization. And don’t forget West Elm’s perennial sale section where you might score a coffee table at 50 percent off.

One Kings Lane


With a name that sounds like a designer fashion label and a logo that also looks like one, One Kings Lane evidently fits the “luxury” bill. It helps that the brand is the holy grail of luxury furniture, courtesy of its vintage, upper-crust feel that makes interior styles like Parisian chic and European rustic easy to accomplish, or make Bohemian allure and coastal charm look much more refined.



Burrow is famed for its modular sectionals that you can personalize till you get tired of yourself—and you probably have, which is why Burrow’s called up wingmen from the bedroom and home office to help float the boat again, but not by form; instead, by function. That’s Burrow’s specialty—making luxe furniture you’ll use daily, like its wall shelf or standing desk. Its monotone pieces also look like they can take a beating for years. Better yet, Burrow’s on the more affordable spectrum.

BenchMade Modern


BenchMade Modern’s furniture, namely its sectionals, can spiral upwards to a five-digits pricing. Yet, other than the price tag, the brand doesn’t seem to concern itself with the notion of luxury. In fact, BenchMade Modern was born out of the idea that homeowners can surround themselves in extravagance without compromising on the furniture’s shipping, personalization, and usefulness. That bravado is built into every item BenchMade Modern offers, often with smooth surfaces, clean lines, and playful dimensions.



54kibo’s catalog of furniture won’t impress you in quantity, because the retailer sources and curates artisan pieces made by African diaspora designers to bring quality to the forefront. The pieces, like a velvet ottoman or a wood bench, often come in bold, vivid colors that’ll brighten up every space. Really, close your eyes, pick something, like a milo green chair or a textured stool, and it’d be by far the best-looking thing you own.



1stDibs is just plain fun—a great marketplace to look for items when certain rooms need a refresh of extraordinary designs. It started out in Paris in 2000, and has since kept an eye for antique, Smithsonian-worthy pieces that are practically sculptural artworks, like this redo of 1930s Vis-à-Vis De Gala Sofa by Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.



Sabai is of the mind that whatever you do, do it well. Do it the best, even. The brand has only a small collection of items—seating and tables only—but that ensures those items are made with expertise. It makes high-quality seating in its factory in North Carolina. Look here if you’re passionate about eco-friendly furniture, too, as Sabai’s furniture is made from non-toxic, sustainable materials.

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