Published On: Fri, Aug 5th, 2022

10 Best Sofa Covers 2022

best sofa covers


Hanging onto an old sofa is like keeping around a favorite sweater that no longer fits: We do it for the sake of reveling in memories and heritage of the past (not because of our abandonment issues, we swear). That’s why casting away an heirloom-worthy furniture piece like a sofa—that’s lasted longer than you’d like to admit—in your contemporarily-styled living room (or any room of any style) is not an option here. So, if you’re not ready to buy a new one just yet, there are a number of ways you can make the most of your old one. In fact, whether it’s your seen-some-days three-seater or brand new sectional, you can both maintain and enhance it by simply getting a sofa cover. No reupholstering needed.

Think of couch covers, otherwise known as slipcovers, as makeup for your sofas. They’ll fit over your couch to give it a facelift, from different colors and textures to patterns. Sofa slipcovers are also protective against water and scratches, making them helpful for coffee spills, dirty fingers, grubby paws, and even messy children.

Lastly, they’re like decorative throws that are actually useful. Sold yet? Below, we’ve picked the 10 best sofa covers to make life easier. These couch slipcovers definitely don’t look like they belong to your grandma, and will keep your couch clean and ready for the generation after you.

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Most Universal Sofa Cover

Stretch 1-Piece Sofa Slipcover

Best sofa cover for cushions

Bulle Textured Grid Sofa Slipcover

Best luxury sofa cover

Pet Furniture Throw

Best-looking sofa cover

Farmhouse Basketweave Sofa Slipcover

Most customizable sofa cover

Custom 3 Seater Sofa Slipcover

Most durable Sofa cover

Quilted Pet Furniture Cover

Best sofa cover for pet owners

Grip-Tight Furniture Protector

The velvet sofa cover

Modern Velvet Plush 4 Piece Sofa Slipcover

The reversible sofa cover

Reversible Non-Slip Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Best sectional slipcover

2-Piece L Shape Sectional Cover (Right Chaise)

What to Consider Before Buying Sofa Covers

  • Types: A slipcover made of stretchy fabric that’ll completely fit over—envelop, basically—the silhouette of a couch and its cushions is one you’ll want if your renovation goal is to give it a whole, long-term new look. Otherwise, go for a thick throw-blanket-ish pad that’ll simply drape over the seating to give it an ephemeral makeover, as well as timely protection against pets, toddlers, and even you.
  • Pieces: Like putting on clothes or styling an outfit, fitting couch covers also involves pieces. A slipcover can come in one piece to easily go over the entire sofa, but it’ll likely fit loose and give the furniture a baggy, Urban-Outfitters-like look. If you wanna take your sofa to the red carpet, a multi-piece option with covers for each cushion will really lend a tailored, cinched appearance that’s more tied-together. Although the latter sofa cover might be hard to put on and take off.
  • Measurement: Like for most furniture accessories, take your measurement before executing your next move. For slipcovers, that includes the dimension of the whole seating and each cushion. With the closest fit, a sofa cover will fit like a glove, and won’t require much tucking-in-place. With a loose fit, you’re risking a dead giveaway that your sofa is wearing a “makeup” when guests come over.

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